Juggle Fitness Exercises

Below you’ll find a collection of fitness exercises that you can make a lot more fun by combining with juggling ūüėÄ

As your arms and hands will be busy with juggling, the exercises mostly target the lower-body and abs.

You can use regular juggling balls to add fun and extra calorie burn (see frontpage article regarding calorie burn and juggling) to these exercises.

Or, you can use heavier weight training juggling balls to target and train multiple muscles as the same time. It makes for a great workout.

NOTE: Some exercises require a specific juggling technique, but most can be done juggling af standard 3-ball cascade or any other pattern that you are comfortable with.

Juggle Sit-ups or Crunches

Targeted muscles: Abs and hips

Regular sit-ups or crunches become a lot more fun (and challenging) when combined with juggling. For this exercise you’ll need to be able to juggle while sitting down and while lying on your back – this is a trick in itself and might take some time to learn, but once you do, doing setups will never be boring again ūüôā

TIP: I would NOT recommend using weight training juggling balls for this exercise.

Juggle Leg Lifts

Targeted muscles: Upper- and lower abs

Legs lifts og leg raises are excellent for training your abs and can be combined with sit-ups and crunches. For this exercise you need to be able to juggle while lying on your back as well.

TIP: I would NOT recommend using weight training juggling balls for this exercise.

Juggle Squats 

Targeted muscles: Lower-body: Thighs, hips, buttocks and more

This is a juggle fitness exercise that you anyone who can juggle a cascade can do. Simply do regular bodyweight squats, but juggle while doing so.

Juggle Lunges

Targeted muscles:  Lower-body. Buttocks, thighs and more. 

Combine regular lunges (and variations such as back stepping/reverse  lunges) with juggling for a great workout.

Juggle High-Knees

Targeted muscles: Core, upper thighs, buttocks and calves.

High-knee exercises goes well with juggling and can also be a great warm-up for joggling.

Juggle Leg-hops

Targeted areas: Legs and feet

Leg-hops works well with juggling and also trains your balance and agility. This is a good exercise if you are also into slacklining. Simple juggle while jumping forward and backward on one leg at the time. Make sure to keep your body straight while doing so.

Juggle Single-legged

Targeted areas: Legs and feet. 

Like leg-hops, standing on a single leg while juggling trains your balance and agility.

Juggle Single-legged Squats

Targeted muscles: Lower-body: Thighs, hips, buttocks and more

Start out with just standing on one leg, then advance into a single-legged squat. This one is also great for balance.

Side juggling

Targeted muscles: Obliques and  core

Juggle any pattern of your choosing, but keep the pattern as far to one side of the body for a about 10-20 seconds (then switch). Avoid rotating your back. This essentially targets the same muscles as a correctly performed russian twist. You should be able to feel you abs and core burning.

Shoulder press and double shoulder press

Targeted muscles: Shoulders

This is done without actually juggling, but just using weighted juggling balls as a sort of dumbbell. You can grip 3 ball in one hand to increase the weight. This can be added to any juggling fitness routine.

Juggle box jump

Targeted muscles: Core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves

The box jump is a popular crossfitness exercise that can also be done while juggling – although it requires a bit of practice to time correctly. You don’t necessarily need a box to jump onto, you can also stack two madrasses, use a bench or something similar. As long as it can hold your weight.

Jumping squad to overhead juggling

Targeted muscles: Thighs, hips, buttocks, shoulders, arms, core

In this exercise you start by juggling a cascade into a squat, then explode upward and move into an overhead juggling position. Keep that for about 10 seconds, then go back to the cascade and repeat.